Flitz Paste Polish (Multiple Sizes Available)

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Short Description:
Enjoy the legendary shine that put the Flitz name on the map!
Flitz Paste Polish

Flitz Polish - Paste

This is our signature product. The one that launched our company over 30 years ago. A concentrated cream, Flitz Paste Polish is unsurpassed in its ability to clean, polish, de-oxidize and protect. Our German-engineered formula provides a durable polish with a tough protection. Our polish is non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-flammable, USDA authorized to consume (although it does not taste very good!) and for work on food preparation surfaces. Protects up to 6 months in fresh water; up to 3 months in salt water.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Download the Flitz Polish - Paste Information Sheet

Easily Removes:
Tarnish, Rust, Water Stains, Chalking, Lime Deposits, Heat Discoloration, Lead & Powder Residue, Oxidation, Bugs, Tar, Oil, Fingerprints, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, Graffiti, Dyes, Black Streaks/Scuff Marks. 

Use on:
Brass, Copper, Silverplate, Sterling Silver, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Bronze, Solid Gold, Aluminum, Annodized Aluminum, Beryllium, Magnesium, Platinum, Pewter, Factory Hot Gun Bluing, Painted Surfaces, Formica®, Cultured Marble, Corian®, Glass, Plexiglas®, Plastics, Fiberglass, Eisenglass, and Armatel® 

Not for: Electroplated finishes.

Sizes Available:
1.76 oz tube (50 gram)
5.29 oz large tube (150 gram, equals three 50g tubes in 1 large tube)
1 lb jar (453 gram, equals 3 large tubes in one jar)
2 lb can  (906 gram quart, equals 6 large tubes) BETTER VALUE
8 lb can  (3624 gram gallon, equals 4 quarts) - BEST VALUE

How To Use:

Use sparingly. Do not let dry. Buff with Flitz Microfiber, Flitz Original Büff Ball or dry towel while Flitz is still moist.

Tarnished Brass, Copper, Bronze, etc: Apply Flitz with paper towel. Rub briskly, polish with soft cloth.

Tarnished Silver & Gold: Apply light coat of Flitz with soft cloth. Polish with clean dry cloth until brilliant.

Firearms: Apply light coat of Flitz with a soft cloth and polish with a clean dry cloth. Flitz will not harm factory gun bluing.

Rust & Corrosion: Apply Flitz with #0000 Steel wool. If necessary, apply pressure when rubbing. Polish with soft cloth.

Marine Corrosion: Apply Flitz using Bronze wool applying pressure while rubbing if necessary. Polish with a soft cloth. 

Aluminum, Mag Alloys, & Stainless: Apply Flitz and clean with paper towel. Polish with soft cloth.

Heat Discoloration: Apply moderate coat of Flitz. Allow to penetrate 3 minutes. Rub with paper towel. Polish with soft cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Lime Deposits: Apply Flitz with stiff brush. Rub until lime is removed. Polish with soft cloth.

Fiberglass & Painted Surfaces: Apply Flitz with damp cloth. Polish with soft, dry cloth.



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  • 5
    Great Products

    Posted by Dennis Pickett on 17th Aug 2016

    I have used Flitz products for years. I have always had great results and happiness. The end results are as represented.

    Thanks to Flitz for good products to help us keep our possessions always looking new.

  • 5
    This stuff really works!

    Posted by Mark on 19th May 2016

    Every time I use Flitz on my motorcycle (which is why I got it) I always get comments on my bike. Good comments! Really shines things up!

  • 5
    It works !!!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2015

    Bought a small tube at one of the outdoor shows in Pennsylvania....after trying it, wished I would have purchased more. When I did run out, I immediately purchased a quart size can. I'm so glad I can buy this online....and it didn't take long to get here! It is a great product and not hard to use at all!

  • 5
    AWESOME !!!!!!!

    Posted by Joseph Medley on 18th Jul 2015

    Being from a military background I've used a lot of polish. Flitz is clearly superior to any other foreign or domestic. I have taken 20 year old revolvers and made them look new. Now if Flitz could just invent a wood polish for the grips I would be ecstatic. Thanks again Flitz.

  • 4
    Great Results

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2015

    A great product used in conjunction with the Brass and Copper Spray. My antique fire extinguisher has never looked better since new!

  • 5
    best polish ive found yet

    Posted by chris on 11th Sep 2014

    This is the best polish that I have found for everything from aluminum to stainless steel. Use it on my Harley's and also used on tack for horses. By far the best performing polish I have tried yet.

  • 5

    Posted by David Mennuti on 8th Sep 2014

    Flitz PreClean is one of the best products I've used. I have a 73 Nova that my father and I built. The rims that were on the car weren't great but also not so bad that a little soap and water couldn't make them shine a little more. I am located on the Jersey Shore and my car was affected by Hurricane Sandy right after we finished restoring the car. The rims were ruined, heavily oxidized from the salt water. I had to replace so much on the inside of the car the rims were sort of a lost cause, because I couldn't afford to get new ones or have mine professionally cleaned or dipped. My girlfriend found flitz online and I was skeptical but I bought it and I was amazed. My rims have never looked this clean not even from before the storm. This product is amazing and I am planning on buying more flitz products

  • 5
    Good Paste

    Posted by greg maxwell on 13th Aug 2014

    Works really good, used a drill to buff.

  • 5
    The Best There Is

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Apr 2014

    I have tried many kinds of aluminum polish. Flitz is the easiest and best by far.