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2018 Flitzmas Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Flitz International on 19th Mar 2020

2018 Flitzmas Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for the gift of giving! We wanted to share with you a Flitzmas Gift Guide to make your shopping easy this year.  Flitz.com makes it easy to shop within the comfort of your own home, and did we mention FREE SHIPPING?!

Check out our top products of 2018, and what should be under your Christmas tree this year.

Professional Detailing Kit

For the Professional Detailer

Match the complete joy of being a vehicle owner with a complete kit of Flitz for keeping your treasure in premium condition. The  Professional Detailing Kit includes everything you need to keep your vehicle shining like new. This kit includes (1) Sealant (8oz bottle), (1) XL 7" BüffBall, (1) Large 5" BüffBall, (1) Small 2" BüffBall, (1) 2lb can of Flitz Paste Polish, (1) Speed Wax (16oz bottle), (1) Metal PreClean (16oz bottle), (6) 1000 grit Scuff Pad 6pk, and (2) Microfiber Cloths. This is the ULTIMATE Flitzmas gift!

For the Flitz Lover in Your Family


What better gift to give the Flitzer of your family than a bottle of our newest product,  Flitz Sealant?! Newly released in 2017, this hydrophobic spray is the king of protection! Creating a 'ceramic shell' type coating that lasts up to a year! Our new Sealant includes a FREE Microfiber Polishing Cloth! This is unique product to Flitz! This is a hydrophobic spray (meaning; immediate repelling of water) that is safe on all metals, fiberglass, paints, plastics, granite, glass, and more! It will help protect surfaces from salt from the roads, UV rays, water stains, bugs, bird droppings, and more!

Kitchen Care Kit

For the Cook in Your Family

With countless breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, your kitchen takes a pounding. Make your kitchen look as good as the meals you cook with the complete  Kitchen Care Kit! The Mini Kitchen Care Kit includes: (1) 1.7oz of Stainless Steel/Chrome Cleaner, (1) 1.7oz of Stainless Steel Polish, (1) 1.7oz of Faucet Wax, (1) 1.7oz of Granite Wax, and (2) Foil Samples of Paste Polish. The Standard Kitchen Care Kit includes: (1) 16oz of Stainless Steel/Chrome Cleaner, (1) 7.6oz of Faucet Wax, (1) 7.6oz of Granite & Marble Cleaner, (1) 16oz Granite Wax, and (1) Microfiber Polishing Cloth. Both great deals, plus this kit can be used in more places than just the kitchen!

Gun/Knife Care Kit

For the Hunter in Your Family

Our  Gun & Knife Care Kit and our Knife Restoration Kit make for great gifts for the outdoorsman in your family. The Gun & Knife Care Kit includes (1) 1.7oz Flitz Tactical Matte Cleaner, (1) 1.7oz Flitz Paste Polish, (1) 1.7oz Flitz Rifle Gun & Knife Wax , and (1) Microfiber Cloth. When it comes to hunting, the metal that forges your guns and knives is your best friend. Return the kindness and take complete care of your equipment with the Gun & Knife Care Kit! Our Knife Restoration Kit includes: (1) 1.7oz Liquid Polish, (1) Microfiber Cloth, (1) Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpener, and (1) 7.5mL Safariland/Break Free Lubricating Oil (CLP). Whether you are shopping for an avid sportsman or world-class collector, this kit is exactly what they need to clean, polish & protect and restore their knives and swords. Recommended by hunters and collectors for hunters and collectors.

Headlight Restoration KitFor the New Driver in Your Family

Check out our  Headlight Restoration Kit for the new driver in your family. Seeing clearly is a must. And when you don’t? Bad things can happen! Let your headlights see crystal clear with the Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit. AAA recently warned drivers of the dangers of driving with foggy headlights. Visibility is significantly reduced when your headlights are not clear. This kit does it all: headlights, tail lights, windshields, plastic camper windows, eisenglass, helmet face shields, boat hatches, light bars, bug deflectors... Fast, safe & easy-to-use. The bottom line? This kit really works. Guaranteed! Plus, unlike other headlight restoration kits on the market, this one is washable and reusable, so you can use it again & again. Improve visibility, stay safe. The process is simple and there are no hazardous chemicals present in our kits. This kit includes: (1) 1.7oz Flitz Paste Polish, (1) Abrasive Scruffing Pad (for acrylic headlights with distressed clearcoat & extreme fading/yellowing), (1) Mini 3” 2"  BüffBall, and (1) 1.7oz Speed Waxx.

Auto/Boat Enthusiast Kit

For the Car or Boat Enthusiast in Your Family

Match the complete joy of being a car/boat owner with the complete kit for keeping your treasure in premium condition. The Auto/Boat Enthusiast Kit includes everything you need to keep your vehicle or vessel shining like new. This kit includes: (1) 5.29oz Flitz Paste Polish, (1) Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth, (1) 16oz Stainless Steel Cleaner, (1) Large 5” BüffBall, and (1) 16oz Flitz Speed Waxx.

For the Biker in Your Family

Cycle 2 Go Care KitAs a rider it’s almost impossible to keep them standing still for long. The road is calling and they’re ready to go! Luckily the Cycle 2 Go Care Kit is ready to keep up, keeping their ride shining mile after mile. This kit is perfect for the motorcyclist or the bicyclist! The Cycle 2 Go Care Kit includes: (1) 1.76oz Flitz Paste Polish , (1) 1.7oz Stainless Steel Cleaner/Degreaser, (1) 1.7oz Speed Waxx, and (1) Microfiber Cloth.

BBQ Grill Care Kit

For the Grill Master in Your Family

Do you have someone in your family that will fire up the grill even in the middle of winter? Then the BBQ Grill Care Kit is what needs to be under the tree for them this year! No one likes to see their food come out of a dirty grill. Bring truth to the phrase “clean enough to eat on” and restore shine with the BBQ Grill Care Kit! The BBQ Grill Care Kit includes: (1) 1.7oz Stainless Steel Cleaner/Degreaser, (1) 1.7oz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish, (1) 3.4 Flitz Liquid Polish, and (1) Premium Microfiber Cloth.

Handyman Combo Kit

For the Handyman/Woman in Your Family

The role of the handyman doesn’t have to be taken on alone! Enlist the help of the Handyman Combo Kit and team up to clean, polish, and protect! The standard kit includes: (1) 5.29oz Flitz Paste Polish, (1) Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth, (1) 16oz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner, and (1) Large 5" Buff Ball. The jumbo kit includes: (1) 2lb can of Flitz Paste Polish, (1) Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth, (1) 16oz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner, (1) Large 5" Buff Ball, and (1) 16oz Flitz Speed Waxx.

Still not sure what to get that special someone? Browse our entire line of products! We at Flitz International wish each of you a very Happy Holidays season! We are looking forward to the New Year for new and exciting things here at Flitz!