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How to Restore Aluminum Rims

Posted by Flitz International on 19th Mar 2020

The Best Way to Clean Aluminum Rims

“Are there any Flitz products I can use to restore my aluminum rims?”

Polished aluminum wheels always look great and you can keep them looking great with Flitz! You can rely on  Flitz Polish Paste for a stunning shine and long-term protection. However, there are may be times when there's more than everyday corrosion and you need a little extra TLC.

Sound familiar? Check out our proven process for aluminum restoration using the Flitz Polishing Products arsenal.

Step 1: Assemble your supplies

  • Flitz Metal Pre-Clean - A great aluminum wheel cleaner!
  • A tool for agitation of the Pre-Clean (steel wool, a scrub brush, etc.)
  • Flitz Polish Paste
  • Flitz Large 5” Buff Ball
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Flitz Ceramic Sealant

  • Step 2: Wash and Pre-Clean

    When it comes to how to clean aluminum wheels, it couldn't be easier. Rinse the surface of the wheel with water, then spray a generous amount of the  Flitz Metal Pre-Clean to the areas of high corrosion. Allow the spray to sit for a few minutes (depending on the severity of the rim’s condition) before agitating the surface of the wheel. After several minutes of scrubbing, rinse the surface of the rim with water before drying. Wait until you see how it removes brake dust!

    Step 3: Flitz It!

    With your  Flitz Polish Paste and 5” Buff Ball, generously buff the surface of the rim. Keep in mind, a little Flitz goes a long way! The Flitz Buff Ball is great for reaching those nooks and crannies in aluminum wheel rims. For best results, buff at speeds up to 2500 RPM. Don’t worry – The viscose material of the Buff Ball won’t heat or scorch your rims! See it in action below:

    Step 4: Protect and Prevent

    The last step of your aluminum wheel restoration is to put the  Flitz Ceramic Sealant to work! Grab your Flitz Microfiber Cloth, spray the wax on and wipe off for a shine that will last and protect the surface of your rims. Keep hard water stains, salt corrosion, dirt and debris from tarnishing the shine of your aluminum wheels with just one application.