How to Buff Away Bathroom Imperfections

Posted by Flitz International on 27th May 2016

We’ve all got insecurities we wish we could rid ourselves of. In some cases, it’s not so easy to make those imperfections disappear, but when your bathroom presents them, don’t stress! Getting rid of smudges and stains on your bathroom fixtures, shower, and counter tops has never been easier with the help of Flitz. We’ve got just what you need to feel proud of your home’s appearance again!

Fixture Imperfections

Knobs, drawer handles, faucets, and shower fixtures accumulate a multitude of smudges and stains as they’re some of the most used fixtures in our home. To free yourself of the eye sore that comes from hard water stains, makeup smudges, and rust, trust that Flitz will bring your fixtures back to life. For faucets and various knobs, give Flitz Faucet Wax Plus a try. It’s safe to use on acrylics, marble, granite, fiberglass, gold-plated finishes, and more. Use our Microfiber Cloth to buff with a small amount of polish and rub down your faucet fixtures as you begin to witness stains and deposits lift, leaving you with what appears to be a new faucet!

Counter Top Imperfections

Two popular counter top choices in any home include Granite and Marble. The two stand out as high end surfaces and you’d like to keep them that way, right? With Flitz Granite and Marble Cleaner you can remove makeup, hair spray, water spots, soap residue, and various stains. Simply shake the bottle and apply to your surfaces with a moist cloth. Do not let the cleaner dry before you buff away imperfections with a dry towel. To prevent future counter top damages, use our Flitz Granite Wax Plus after the Granite and Marble cleaner to protect your surfaces for an extended clean!

Shower Imperfections

Your shower is the one place you can go in your home to feel clean again. Don’t let rust, water stains, and tarnished fixtures prevent you from getting that feeling of freshness when leaving your bathroom. With Flitz Polish, you can buff away all these imperfections and more simply by rubbing the polish onto your shower fixtures and buffing away with either a Flitz Buff Ball or Flitz Microfiber Cloth. This Liquid Polish is safe to use on brass, copper, silver plate, sterling silver, chrome, bronze, and more, allowing you to buff nearly any metal, plastic, and fiberglass surface of your shower!

For any and all Flitz bathroom solutions visit our website. You’ll be amazed by how many imperfections you can buff away in just one clean with us! 

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