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How to Keep Your Rings Looking New

Posted by Flitz International on 19th Mar 2020

The Best Way to Clean Your Ring

When you look down at your hand are you noticing more grime on your rings than shine? If you’re looking for a cleaning unlike one you’ve been getting from soapy water, we recommend our Flitz Liquid Polish. While safe to use on various metals including Gold, Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass and Bronze, you can turn down the hard scrubbing and turn up the shine.

There are only three steps to bringing back some luster. Simply apply the Flitz Polish with a dry cloth and cover the entire surface of the ring. Be sure not to let the polish dry as you apply. Finally, buff the ring with a new dry towel or, if you’re looking for that extra sparkle, a Flitz Microfiber Cloth. Our specially made cloths dry in 1/3 of the time as do ordinary towels and provide a streak-free performance that lasts.

After cleaning the ring, we suggest storing it in a location that will keep it safe as well as prevent any scratching or rubbing against other fine jewelry. If your ring is only for special occasions, this is a must. If we’re talking about a wedding band, you might consider this whenever taking the ring off for various tasks.

Don’t put off a noticeable clean for that big event you’ve got coming up. Enjoy that sight now. Check out our website to get your Liquid Polish today! You can also find our Premium Microfiber Cloths amongst other useful items at

Ring after Flitz Cleaning