Polishing and Detailing a Car, Truck, RV or Motor Vehicle with Flitz

29th Dec 2014

How-to Polish and Detail a Car or Truck

The automotive industry has been using Flitz Polishing products for years.  Since 1978 Flitz Polish has been creating innovative polishing and detailing products for cars, trucks, RVs and recreational motor vehicles such as an ATV.

The video below shows you how to polish and detail your automotive vehicle, while featuring the Flitz Auto and Detailing products that you can use to help keep your car or truck extra shiny! 

Below is the video transcript: Polishing and Detailing a Car, Truck, RV or Motor Vehicle with Flitz Polishing Products

To restore heavy oxidation, apply the Flitz polish and simply buff with the Flitz Buff Ball.

For extreme, heavy corrosion, apply aluminum pre-clean first, agitate with brush and simply

rinse. Done within 30 seconds. Then apply Flitz polish.

With the right buffing ball - use a drill or air tool at a 2,000 RPM minimum to obtain that mirror finish. To remove heavy rust and corrosion, apply the Flitz pre-clean first, then rinse. The Flitz buffer will bring stainless steel back in seconds.

For exhaust stacks with rust and bluing, use the Flitz polish in combination with the buff ball for immediate results. For fuel tanks, apply the pre-clean, scrub and rinse.

The Flitz buffer is a viscose-felt material that won't tear on rough or smooth surfaces. Flitz even removes rust from stainless and chrome and protects up to six months. For pitted and corroded surfaces, use the Flitz pre-clean, agitate and rinse. What takes hours by hand takes just seconds with the Flitz Buff Ball. The Buff Ball is washable up to 10 times.

The Mini Buff Ball is used on hard-to-reach areas on or alkoa wheels. Use the abrasive pad and water to scrub off yellowing and sun faded plastics. Apply the Flitz Polish and buff for two or three minutes. The Buff Ball will not create heat that melts paint or plastic and protects to one year.

Flitz is safe to restore faded paint and fiberglass. On your RVs, Flitz helps maintain clear headlights, polished aluminum wheels, stainless steel mirrors and heat discoloration on exhaust pipes.

Speed wax is quick and easy, made of carnauba wax and water and silicon free. The polishing system works on any surface to maintain your RV, even restoration of diamond plate.

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