Flitz Applications in Sporting Goods

Flitz Applications in Sporting Goods

Posted by Flitz International on 13th Sep 2018

How to Clean Your Hunting Rifles and Knives

Flitz can be used in an unlimited number of ways, especially when it comes to sporting goods. Ulrich Jentzsch, President of Flitz, spent some time at Fletcher Arms to help guide and teach some important information needed when using Flitz Polishing & Buffing Products. Flitz first started with our signature Paste Polish over 40 years ago, and we have since expanded to other products and convenient kits for taking care of your guns and knives.

Flitz Paste Polish comes in a variety of sizes for whatever your needs may be. This polish comes in a cream form and is 4,000 grit. This is super fine polish. This product will protect from the elements when out hunting and prevent corrosion/rust. You will see in the video that Flitz Paste Polish can also be used on plastics, when can be helpful for cleaning up your shooting glasses. You can learn more about the Paste Polish and view all the available sizes we offer on our product page.

Flitz Paste Polish can be used on:

  • Factory bluing
  • Plastics
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Silverplate
  • Bronze
  • Solid Gold
  • & more!

Removing Fingerprints from Your Firearm

The worst enemy to your firearm is your fingerprints, which is why we have created step 2 in caring for your firearm:  Flitz Rifle, Gun, & Knife Wax. After removing the surface rust on your firearm or knife, you will apply the Rifle, Gun, & Knife Wax to your firearm or knife. This wax is a combination of carnauba and beeswax. This combination will not attract any dust because there is no oil in the product. There is no odor and no smell associated to this product either which is highly desirable when hunting. Utilizing the wax on top of the polish will help to protect your firearm or gun up to 6 to 9 months from rust, fingerprints, water stains, powder residue, tree sap, blood, salt deposits, lime deposits and more!

Flitz Rifle, Gun, & Knife Wax can be used on:

  • Interior & Exterior of the Bore
  • Factory bluing
  • Polished or hand-rubbed stocks
  • Nickel
  • Stainless steel
  • Gun stock and polished wood finishes
  • & more!

Cleaning the Bore of Your Gun

To clean the bore of your gun, you are able to use our Flitz Paste Polish, but we have come out with a newer product,  Flitz Bore Cleaner. This is a liquid cleaner that makes the process a little faster and helps restore your firearms pinpoint accuracy. This product contains no ammonia, and is non-abrasive and non-flammable.

Flitz Bore Cleaner will remove:

  • Copper build up
  • Powder fouling
  • Lead
  • Plastic wad
  • & more!

How to Clean a Matte Finish Firearm

One of our newer products for the Sporting Goods line is  Flitz Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner. This is a spray cleaner and is very quick and easy to use. This will help take oil and sediment off of those matte back surfaces you may have on your firearm by working as a de-greaser. This product has an anti-smear formula that will not leave a shine, will not remove bluing, and will not remove parkerized finishes. This is going to be a great product for the interior and exterior of your bore because it will not attract dust, provides UV and Acid Rain Protection, and protects your firearm for up to 6 months.

Flitz Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner is safe on:

Flat/Matte finishes

Parkerized finishes

Tactical finishes

Gun wraps

AR firearms

& more!

Improve the Quality of Your Tumbling

The  Flitz Tumbler/Media Additive comes in a variety of sizes, including commercial drums for commercial reloading. You only need 1oz of additive per pound of media, which could be corn cob or crushed walnut shells, whatever you choose to use. This is a green liquid and contains no ammonia so it won’t deaden primer and it will cut tumbling time in half. This helps to keep things clean and polished for up to 4-6 months. This product is safe to use on any metal and does not contain ammonia.

Take Total Care of Your Firearm

Gun/Knife Care Kit is a great gift for the sportsman or sportswoman and includes several mini versions of the products that have been described above. This includes a Flitz Paste Polish that can do up to 50 firearms, a small bottle of Flitz Rifle, Gun, & Knife Wax, a small bottle of Flitz Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner, & a Flitz Microfiber Towel. All of these products were put together in a convenient kit for those looking to “Flitz” their whole firearm and completely protect it from whatever the outdoors may bring your way.

How to Restore Your Hunting Knife

The Flitz Knife Restoration Kit features Flitz Liquid Polish, Flitz Microfiber Cloth, a DMT Knife Sharpener, and one bottle of Safariland Lubricating Oil. The Dia-Sharp Diamond Sharpener that is included in this kit delivers full-size sharpening while maximizing work and storage space. We decided to include this knife sharpener in the kit because it is perfectly suited for small contact areas and pointed tools. The Safariland / Break Free Lubricating Oil that is in this kit is designed to break loose dirt and corrosion that can be damaging to metal. The special penetrating formula displaces trapped grit and frees sticky, rusted, or corroded mechanisms. This is another kit that makes a great, affordable gift for the sportsman or sportswoman!

See all of these products in action as Ulrich Jentzsch, President of Flitz, provides some great tips on our Sporting Goods line during his visit to Fletcher Arms in Waukesha, WI.