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Best Aircraft Cleaning Products to Protect from Corrosion

Aircraft exteriors battle the toughest conditions everyday. That is why we developed aviation approved cleaning products to protect against corrosion and keep your aircraft exteriors clean, polished, and protected. Our products are non-flammable, and easy-to-use. Most importantly, our aircraft cleaners work fantastic. At Flitz, we provide everything you need to not only clean and polish your airplane, but also protect your aircraft from further oxidation, corrosion, and residue build-up.


Aircraft Metal, Paint, and Aluminum Polish in Paste Form

Let's start with the concentrated cream that has been the staple of our company for over 40 years - our signature Paste Polish. The cream works fantastic on aircraft inlets, leading edge devices, aluminum parts, and painted surfaces on your airplane to protect from corrosion and enhance appearance. In addition to aluminum, our aircraft polish works amazing as cleaner for your aircraft windshields, copper sections, headlights, fiberglass, and much more. It is safe to use on nearly all surfaces. Flitz chemically removes oxidation, rust, water stains, heat discoloration, residue, oil, and fingerprints. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so go ahead and try it!

Aircraft Buffer for a Faster Clean

Cleaning your aircraft parts can take forever, especially when working with aluminum exteriors. Luckily, you can save the excess work by using the Flitz Buff Ball. Unlike fragile foam balls, ours is made from cloth-like synthetic fabric called viscose. This design is self-cooling, tear resistant, washable, guaranteed. It also covers and protects edges on your drill to keep you from accidentally scratching aircraft surfaces. While professional detailers use power buffers that are extremely expensive and difficult to use without burning through paint, the Flitz Buff Ball is just as effective at a fraction of the price.

Fiberglass and Aluminum Airplane Cleaner

Save a whole lot of time cleaning your airplane by applying our Metal PreClean before polishing. This organic salt formula is much safer than traditional acids, and it instantly removes heavily-encrusted corrosion, oxidation, rust, grease, oil, and other residue. It is unmatched for its performance on aluminum (will not dull or haze aluminum), but it also works wonders (and is perfectly safe) on painted aircraft surfaces. Simply spray full-strength onto surface, scrub with brush (nylon if possible), rinse with water, and watch as the grime washes away.

Copper Cleaner for Aircraft Engines and Accessories

Many airplanes have copper sections in their engines, accessories, and on strong connections. As tarnish builds up on these parts, they can become incredibly hard to clean. Luckily, we have developed a special formula designed to clean brass and copper quick and effectively. Our Instant Brass & Copper Tarnish Remover cleans heavy tarnish, rust, corrosion, calcium deposits, stains, oxidation, water spots, and much more. If there is something dirty on your aircraft, our tarnish remover will clean it up and make your copper shine like new. While being extremely effective, it is also safe to spray on aluminum and painted surfaces. Many other acids are much too aggressive, but not Flitz. Just rinse, spray, then polish away.

Airplane Sealant (Better Than Wax!)

After you clean and polish your aircraft, apply additional protection and keep it looking like new all year long with Flitz Sealant. This formula is not a wax, but instead acts as a hydrophobic spray that immediately repels water and residue buildup after applying. It is safe to use on all metals, paints, plastics, and fiberglass, and it will even protect aircraft surfaces against UV rays. Flitz Sealant creates a ceramic shell type coating that protects your surfaces for a year. It works fantastic on aluminum and painted surfaces, and it is more protective than wax-based solutions. Don't want to waste your time cleaning your aircraft multiple times a year? Protect that shine with Flitz Sealant!

Clean Aircraft Windows and Lights

Foggy aircraft headlights are no joke. Let your headlights see crystal clearly (and be seen crystal clearly) with our Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit. We designed this kit specifically for cleaning headlights, tail lights, windshields, windows, eisenglass, helmet shields, boat hatches, plastic boat windows, and bug deflectors. Unlike other kits, this one is washable and reusable, so you can use it again on different parts of your boat. Improve visibility and stay safe in the air with our easy-to-use kit.