How to Restore Headlights

How to Restore Headlights

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 12th Jan 2016

Headlights are an everyday necessity for driving day or night. Luckily, learning how to restore headlights back to like-new condition is not a difficult task! 

Foggy headlights are caused from plastic oxidation. This is when the heat and cold from the elements and vehicle diminish a clear film that is on the headlights from the factory. After the protective film is gone the plastic will start to react and discolor from the elements.

How to Restore Headlights

Day or night having fogged up headlights is dangerous! This means that less light is going through the plastic and in front of the vehicle. Flitz offers a  Headlight Restoration Kit that will remove any little scratches in the plastic and add a new protective film over the headlights.

Follow these simple steps to restore your headlights to like new condition:

  • Clean the surface to remove any dirt
  • Use the scrub pad to remove any dried on film or other elements
  • Use a drill and the buff ball to polish the headlight until the plastic is clear
  • Use the micro fiber cloth to remove any excess polish from the sides

You should always remember to invest in protecting yourself. This process takes less than 5 minutes per headlight. The  Flitz Headlight Restoration Kit can be used on all plastics that need a shine or some light scratches to be buffed out.

That's all you need to know when learning how to restore headlights back to like-new condition! 

Check out the video below if you prefer video instructions rather than step-by-step instructions, and let us know how we did! 

As always, if you have any other questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us!

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