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Scratches and Scuffs – The Quick Flitz!

Posted by Flitz International on 19th Mar 2020

How to Polish Out Scratches and Scuffs

“After a friend dropped my Colt Special Forces 10 millimeter hand gun on the floor, there was plenty of visible damage to its previously pristine condition.”

This would be any firearm enthusiast’s worst nightmare. In one swift movement, the hand gun you’ve treasured and diligently cared for permanently damaged with scuffs and scratches.

Or so you thought!

“I bought a $10 tube of Flitz Polish, the kind that can be used on chrome and polymer. After a second application and some casual buffing while watching my favorite TV show, I was in amazement! I had to take about 25 double takes when I realized any scratch on this gun was completely gone. The best part? My gun looks possibly better now than it did when I first bought it.”

Flitz Polish Paste is the product that started it all! With our signature, non-toxic and non-abrasive formula, you can achieve stunning results removing oxidation, tarnish, rust, water stains and much more from the surface of your most treasured firearms and hunting equipment.

Not only can  Flitz Polish Paste revive the shine and luster from discolored materials, but the polishing process will repair and protect the surface from future damage. Annual Gunsmith cleanings alone can lead to significant expenses. With Flitz, you can achieve the results of professional detailing through a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how you can use Flitz Polish Paste on your firearms and hunting equipment:


Apply light coat of Flitz with a soft cloth and polish with a clean dry cloth. Flitz will not harm factory gun bluing.

Rust & Corrosion:

Apply Flitz with #0000 Steel wool. If necessary, apply pressure when rubbing. Polish with soft cloth.

Aluminum, Mag Alloys, & Stainless:

Apply Flitz and clean with paper towel. Polish with soft cloth.

Heat Discoloration:

Apply moderate coat of Flitz. Allow to penetrate 3 minutes. Rub with paper towel. Polish with soft cloth. Repeat if necessary.

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A special thank you to our customer, Ryan Donohue, for sharing his unique experience with Flitz Polish!