How to wax a car in 10 minutes flat!

How to wax a car in 10 minutes flat!

8th Apr 2015

When I walk by the car wax in the store I automatically flash back to The Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi teaching his pupil the toilsome routine of waxing a car. We all want to preserve our beloved cars from the elements, but no one wants to waste hours waxing them. Here’s how you can wax your automobile like a Kung Foo Master in 10 minutes or less.

What Is Car Wax?

I wanted to start with a brief education on auto wax or car wax as its most commonly called. When you go back in time you would call this stuff “coach wax” as horse drawn coach builders in Europe would take different kinds of animal fat and rub it on their coaches to preserve them from the elements. Fast forward and we see “coaches” still have horse power, but not the same kind. And thankfully wax technology is radically different. Nobody I know still rubs animal fat on their cars. What we do put on our cars is usually one of the following things:

  • Natural Wax, typically Brazilian Carnauba
  • Synthetic Wax, typically a mixture polymers and acrylic resins

About natural wax: the common experience with Brazilian Carnauba wax is it gives your car the deepest, richest shine, but usually it can be a pain to use…unless you’re Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. About synthetic wax: for the Synthetic waxes out there you get something easier to use and you get a good protective coat, but many people feel the shine isn’t as good as as a natural wax. Some synthetic polymer waxes can even collect in swirls and highlight flaws in your car paint. This is not what you want a wax to do. Another complaint with car wax is that chalky white residue it leaves on your black plastics. This seems to occur with both natural and synthetics waxes.

What’s Special About Flitz Auto Wax?

Spray Bottle of Flitz Car Wax With the size of the automobile industry and all the options of natural and synthetic wax on the market it can be difficult to decide what to use.

What sets us apart?

Our car wax is a natural wax. We made it out of a Brazilian Carnauba because we wanted the richest, deepest, most natural shine you could get. The great thing about it is it’s in a liquid form. This means it’s easy and quick to use. This is exactly why we call it “Speed Waxx”. Unlike most waxes our wax wont leave white chalky residue on your black plastics. You can spray and go without any reservations. Also our wax formula is swirl and streak free. So you can expect the best shine and protection every time you wax your car.

How to Wax Like a Kung Foo Master

First, thoroughly wash your car from top to bottom.

Second, restore any oxidized paint and remove any scratches from your clear coat. You can do both of these things with our car polish.

Third, buy some Flitz Speed Waxx and get spraying. What you’ll want to do is spray and then wipe your car in sections. Start with the front of the car and work your way around the car. The best way to section your car is up to you. I prefer to do the hood, then to the driver’s side door, and continue to move around the car until you finish with the top of the car. Another helpful tip: don’t wax your car when it’s hot or cold. This will negatively affect the application of the wax on your car. Lastly, we recommend using a microfiber cloth to wipe the wax off. You don’t want to damage the paint you’re trying to protect. Time yourself and comment below…tell us how long it takes you to wax your car.

What Customers Say About our “Speed Waxx”

Still not a believer?

Every year we sell A LOT of car polish and car wax to people for their economy cars, show cars and street rods. Diane and Steve Hirte from Minnesota are some of our die-hard Flitz Speed Waxx customers. They use it on their beautiful red 1957 Fairlane 500.

Here is what they had to say about our Flitz Speed Waxx…

“This product works wonderful. The more that you use it the better the car shine gets. This car looks so good that it places at most car shows. We have given bottles of wax to friends and family for gifts. Our friend used it on his 1956 Chevy and the car never looked so good. He liked the wax so well that he waxed everything he had including a lawn tracker.”

-Steve and Diana Hirte of Minnesota


Stop waxing like a turtle. Check out our Speed Waxx and start waxing like a Kung Foo master! We want your stuff to shine! That’s why we do what we do. If you have questions or ideas on how we can help you please comment below. A huge thanks to Steve and Diane Hirte for sharing their story and pictures with us.

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