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How to Prepare for Outdoor Entertainment

Posted by Flitz International on 19th Mar 2020

Best Applications to Clean Your Patio

If you’re like the vast majority of us, entertaining is something we love to do. We’re proud of our homes and yards and want to show them off, especially in the summer months! Now that it’s getting to that point, make the most of your outdoor entertainment by preparing with Flitz! Whether you’re looking to grill or just chill, there’s a product that’s sure to give your patio furniture and appliances the clean it needs to impress your guests!

BBQ Grill Care

Grilling goes hand-in-hand with a warm summer afternoon surrounded by our closest friends. Giving your grill the care it needs to be ready for such events can be possible with the help of the Flitz BBQ Grill Care Kit. No one trusts a rusty old grill to cook a stellar brat or burger so give your family and friends peace of mind with this set! Included in the set comes the Stainless Steel Cleaner with Degreaser, Stainless Steel Polish, and Liquid Metal Polish. The three work together to remove grease, fingerprints, rust, and natural elements such as tree sap. Aside from removing things from your grill’s exterior, these products will add a coat of protection and gloss to keep your guests yearning for whatever you’ve got cooking in your grill!

Outdoor Living Care

When the sun comes out, it’s natural to want to be outdoors for as long as possible. Entertaining outdoors with our Outdoor Living Kit allows you to soak up the sun on your patio furniture without worrying what you’re sitting on. Included in the kit comes the Outdoor Living Cleaner with Mold and Mildew Remover, Outdoor Living with UV Protectant, and the Outdoor Living Fabric Armor. Together, these three sprays will protect your patio furniture from water inflicted stains, body oils, grease, sun damage, and weather effects. For each spray, you’ll simply spray your furniture surfaces down and watch as your wipe away the damage from past seasons to prepare for this one!

Whether you’re looking to cook with friends or sit out and enjoy the weather with family, let Flitz help you prepare for any form of outdoor entertainment with any of our trusted products. Get out and enjoy the sun!

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