How to Polish Your BBQ Grill in 3 Easy Steps

How to Polish Your BBQ Grill in 3 Easy Steps

7th Jun 2015

Whether you’ve been patiently awaiting weekends on the lake or you’ve been planning that family gathering for months on end, it’s safe to say the summer season has finally arrived! That means it’s time to dig all your favorite toys out of the garage – Even that old BBQ you’ve been meaning to replace. With the Flitz BBQ Grill Care Kit and just a few minute’s time, you can have your grill back up and running and shining like new! Keep reading to find out how:

The Flitz BBQ Grill Care Kit comes enclosed with The Flitz Stainless Steel Cleaner with Degreaser, the Flitz Stainless Steel Polish and the Flitz Liquid Metal Polish. Together, these powerful products can easily remove fingerprints, water spots, built-up grease and rust from your stainless steel BBQ in minutes!

  1. Begin by clearing any debris from the surface of your grill. Once the surface area has been cleared, spay a thin coat of the Flitz Stainless Steel and Chrome Cleaner. After allowing the product to settle for a few seconds, use a microfiber cloth to remove the excess. We recommend using the Flitz Microfiber Cloth for optimum results.
  2. Next, apply the Flitz Liquid Polish using paper towel. Coat the surface of the area generously – but remember, a little Flitz goes a long way! After the polish has been evenly distributed, begin to buff the surface of the grill using a clean paper towel. You will immediately notice the surface oxidation being lifted in the form of a thick, black residue. Depending on the severity of your grill’s condition, you may need to repeat this step to achieve the best results.
  3. Seal and protect the exposed metal simply by spraying the area with the Flitz Stainless Steel and Chrome Cleaner as the final step. Use your microfiber cloth to remove the excess liquid and to reveal a showroom shine. The Flitz BBQ Grill Care Kit will provide six months’ worth of protection to the surface of your BBQ grill.

With Flitz Polish, you can enjoy what you love most about the summer season without the stress or hassle of maintenance expenditures. The summer season holds special significance to the Flitz family as the first European shipment of Flitz Polish was delivered the summer of 1975. Whether your passion this season involves water sports, classic car shows or BBQ grilling – Flitz has you covered!


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