How to Enhance Kitchen Features in 30 Minutes

6th May 2016

As we pass through Kitchen showrooms like those located in Home Depot or Ikea, we notice the small details in each set. This could include the way the fridge shines in its newly coated stainless steel or how the tile is free from all scratches and stains. In the early days of our own kitchen’s debut, we noticed similar features and were proud to show them off. As the years pass and the social gatherings came more often, we start to notice a fade in shine for our stainless steel appliances or a streak here and there in our countertops. Don’t waste money on a whole new renovation when you can enhance your kitchen to its original state in less than 30 minutes! With the help of the Flitz Kitchen Care Kit, your kitchen will go from old to new again with a few added enhancements such as shine and luster!

Included in the Set:

  • Granite & Marble Cleaner
  • Granite Wax+
  • Faucet Wax+
  • Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner

With every square inch of your kitchen covered in this one set, cleaning for your next event will never be easier. As you clean from floor to ceiling, you’ll find simplicity in each stop along your clean. First, the Granite and Marble Cleaner will show you that removing food, wine, water, and other residue can be done in no time. Moving on to the Granite Wax+, you can protect and seal your surfaces from future damage, preventing any eye soars that may come your way. Next, the Faucet Wax+ will provide your faucets and fixtures looking new again with sealing formula that will prevent scratches while it polishes, leaving you with the shine and luster you’ve missed. Finally, the Stainless Steel and Chrome Clean comes into play as you remove fingerprints, grease, soap, and other buildups, ridding you of streaks and residue.

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