Get Your Patio Event-Ready

29th Apr 2016

As the warm summer months start to approach, we find ourselves scrambling to clean off patio equipment to prepare for our first outdoor event of the season. While weather tends to fluctuate, you can be sure you’re ready for rain or shine with the help of the Flitz Outdoor Living Care Kit. Whether it’s a BBQ you’re preparing for, or your child’s birthday bash, don’t let your patio furniture be the reason you have to postpone.

Including an outdoor living cleaner, outdoor living furniture and spa UV protectant, and outdoor living fabric armour, this kit will be sure to keep your yard and patio in the condition it needs to be for summer festivities.

Outdoor Living Cleaner (With Mold & Mildew Stain Remover)

If you’ve got stubborn stains that take away from the enjoyment of being outside on your furniture, this spray will rid you of those eye sores among others such as dirt, leaves, and bird droppings. Aside from natural stains, you’ll be free of bbq smoke stains, body oils, grease, wine, and food or beverage residue.

Simply spray on and wipe away imperfections.

Outdoor Living Furniture & Spa UV Protectant (SPF 50)

If you’re going to protect your body from the sun, which you should, why not go the extra mile and protect your outdoor furniture as well? With the help of this UV Protectant spray, your furniture will be free of wear and tear as a result of the hot summer sun.

Aside from direct sunlight protection, you’ll also create a layer of protection from acid rain, dirt, grease, lotions, and body oil.

Spray the protectant on the surface of your furniture of choice and allow it to dry.

Outdoor Living Fabric Armour

When it comes to social summer events outdoors, the energy of the party tends to lead to a spill or two…don’t stress about ruining the fabric of your furniture with the help of this repellent spray. Simply spray Flitz Fabric Armour onto your surfaces and allow it to dry.

Once you’ve taken this one simple step, your furniture will have the capability of repelling liquids and dirt from its surface! Safe to use on awnings, umbrellas, plastics, cotton, polyester, and more; leaving you with furniture that can withstand the trials of outdoor get-togethers this summer and prevent those mishaps for the future.

To prepare for your own outdoor events this summer head to to get your own kit and start protecting your furniture so your patio can remain event-ready! 

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