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Efficient Ways to Clean the Kitchen

Posted by Flitz International on 19th Mar 2020

Flitz offers many products that can be used around the house and now the products are being sold as kits. The Stainless Steel Appliance Kit is the perfect tool to keep in your arsenal of cleaning products.

The kit includes:

  • 1.Flitz Liquid Polish
  • 2.Microfiber cloth
  • 3.Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner
  • 4.Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish

Flitz Stainless Steel Appliance Kit

These products make it easy to clean all household appliances including microwaves, ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, skinks, faucets, and cabinet handles.

Flitz Liquid Polish is great from removing stains and discoloring marks on stovetops. It is also safe to use on cook wear such as grilling spatulas and silverware. Simply put a dab of the polish on the area you want to polish and wipe it down with our microfiber cloth. This product is great for cabinet and door handles.

Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner removes finger prints, water marks, and grease/oils. This cleaner is perfect for all stainless steel and non-stainless steel appliances. This is not designed to remove baked on grease in ovens. We recommend a more abrasive cleaner for that.

Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polishing solution does as described. When the appliance is cleaned apply the polish to really bring out the shin in the stainless steel. Flitz’s products do not need to be used on only certain types of stainless steel. Brushed or polished will have the same amazing effects.

To receive the best results make sure to use the included microfiber cloth. All too many people wipe their appliance down with paper towel or a used dish washing cloth. This will make the process a lot more difficult. The fibers on paper towel and wash clothes are rough and almost make it impossible to get streak free results.

Flitz has been approved for use in restaurants and other applications involving food by the USDA. These products are all water based making them one of the safest cleaning items to have in the house for personal use and keeping the planet green.

Click here to see our Stainless Steel Appliance Kit and check out what other cleaning products Flitz has for around the house.