Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

22nd May 2015

Pet Hair Removal from Furniture?

What if there was a simpler way to removing pet hair from furniture? Now there is with the Flitz Microfiber Polishing Cloth!

Having pets can be fun, but having their hair stick to everything—including furniture—may not be as fun. Keeping furniture pet hair free can be a nightmare for some while others may dread pulling out their vacuum cleaner every time they want to clean off pet hair.

The Flitz Microfiber Polish Cloth

The Flitz Microfiber Polish Cloth works great after giving your car a fresh wax or polish, and also works great to leave a streak free shine. But did you know this product is a pet hair magnet as well?

Just take a dry microfiber cloth and rub it on your upholstered furniture as if you were scrubbing it. The scrubbing movement allows the fibers in the towel to almost act like a hair brush would by combing through the fibers and catching the loose pet hairs.

With just one simple tool you can have pet-free furniture without the hassle!

Another tip: Try throwing a Flitz Microfiber Polish Cloth to remove excess lint, hair or fuzz from a sweater

Place the sweater in the dryer with the microfiber cloth and turn the dryer setting on “low” or “fluff” settings for five minutes. That's it!

Don’t believe us? Try the microfiber cloth for removing pet hair from furniture yourself! 

Have you used the Flitz Microfiber Polish Cloth for something else too? Let us know!

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