How to Restore Antiques

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 21st Jan 2016

Learning how to restore antiques is simple with Flitz's premium polishes! Antiques are a cool way to learn more about a decade, and, whether they’re collectibles or passed down through your family, they tell a story. We’re aware these special items are delicate, and you don’t want to be applying just any product to your collectibles. 

We suggest our Flitz Polish; all of our products are economically friendly and non-toxic that will clean and protect your special antiques!

Our Flitz Polish comes in our concentrated paste formula or a liquid. You can use it on virtually any surface, from any metal surface to painted surfaces, glass, plastic and marble. This is what makes it perfect for antiques whether they are solid sterling silver, or they have multiple surfaces.

Our Flitz paste is also very easy to use. Just apply a small amount to the surface and buff the product into the surface with our Premium Microfiber cloth or a dry towel. Your antique will shine line new again! And the best part—this product protects your antique up to six months in fresh water and three months in salt water. It just beads up and slides right off your item.

Don’t hesitate to find that shine with Flitz, and restore your antiques back to their original, brilliant status once more!

How to Restore Antiques

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