How to Clean Jewelry At Home

How to Clean Jewelry At Home

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 20th Jan 2015

How to clean jewelry at home

Have your jewels lost their sparkle? Skip the hassle of taking your pieces to the jeweler to be cleaned and learn how to clean jewelry at home! Below is a guide for quick ways to make your jewelry shine while polishing at home! 

Let’s break it down into easy to follow categories.


Line a small bowl with aluminum foil. Then fill the bowl with warm water. Add one tablespoon of bleach-free powdered laundry detergent and mix into a solution. Place the silver in the solution and let it soak for one minute. Finally, rinse silver well and place on cloth to air-dry.

Looking for more tips? Check out this blog about how to polish silver.


In a bowl, mix a solution of 1 part warm water and ¼ ammonia and place rings in. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Then mix warm water and dishwashing liquid soap in a bowl.

With a pair of rubber gloves on, transfer your diamonds out from ammonium solution to the warm water and dishwashing liquid soap making sure to swirl the piece in the bowl.

Gently scrub the jewels with a toothbrush and rinse the piece in warm water making sure to remove all soap and let air-dry on a cloth or tissue.


When cleaning pearls, use a soft cloth; avoid using anything abrasive such as a toothbrush. For a lasting clean, wipe pearls with a slightly damp cloth after each wear to remove body oils.

Create a solution of warm soapy water and dip the soft cloth in it. Avoid using dishwashing soap. Then wipe clean and lay flat to dry on a cloth.

Tip: Your pearls will stay cleaner if you put them on AFTER doing your makeup and hair.

Precious Stones

Make a solution consisting of warm water and a couple drops of mild liquid dish soap in a shallow bowl. Stir solution until bubbles form then quickly dip jewelry into mixture and remove.

Finally rinse stone in warm water and gently wipe dry with a soft cloth. Finish by polishing with a soft microfiber cloth.

See, learning how to clean jewelry at home is easy!

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