How To: Increase Shooting Accuracy

How To: Increase Shooting Accuracy

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 9th Nov 2015

The success of your experience is reliant on a variety of factors when you’re prepping for a day at the range. Some of factors may be inevitable, but it pays to take control of the ones that aren’t.

Marksmanship Fundamentals

The key to developing strong shooting accuracy starts with the basics. Keep the three fundamentals of marksmanship in mind when improving your control over the weapon. Be sure your optics are properly installed and use them to your advantage. Seek council and have others check your form. Often times, others can see what we can’t ourselves. Remember - the only way to advance is through trial and error, and many hours of practice.

Nature’s Obstacles

Nature will find a way to interfere with your shooting accuracy whether you’re indoors or out. It’s your job as a sportsman to develop a technique to counter these varying impediments.

Single loading each round may be helpful when target shooting. A hot chamber leads to an increase in pressure, ultimately causing variance in the velocity of which the round is released. Single loading will allow the time necessary for air circulation to cool the chamber. Returning the chamber to ambient temperature each time you fire will make precision and accuracy more attainable.

Direct sunlight on your firearm can cause the same increase in pressure as firing. As we know, many firearms on the market today are made of dark metals. The more sunlight your firearm absorbs, the hotter the chamber will be when you’re preparing to fire. Try covering your firearm with a light-colored towel on a hot day to reduce this unwanted increase in pressure.

Be Consistent

One of the best ways to improve shooting accuracy is to develop a routine. Using a consistent method will create muscle memory that will increase precision. Take time between each shot. Making the choice to pause, adjust your form, and re-aim at your target is a simple way to increase accuracy.

Try releasing the trigger through the natural respiratory pause. Not only will this feel more natural for each shooter individually, but it sparks a rhythm that may be useful in maintaining the accuracy of your overall shooting method.

Consistency can also be applied to the maintenance and care you show your firearms. A build-up of copper filings and gunpowder residue is a leading factor in the lost precision of your firearm’s release. Cleaning your gun after every use is ideal in reducing unnecessary variance in release velocity. After all, high quality equipment deserves high quality maintenance.

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