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Glass-tastic – The Secret To Keeping Glass Clean

Posted by Flitz International on 27th Jan 2021

Glass-tastic – The Secret To Keeping Glass Clean

Whether it’s house windows, bathroom mirrors, car windshields or the dreaded shower doors, keeping glass clean and presentable is the bane of everyone’s existence… but it doesn’t have to be. Like every job you want to tackle, you need the right tools and glass is no exception.

Thanks mostly to excellent marketing and a huge marketing budget, most everyone is familiar with the blue glass cleaner in the clear plastic spray bottle. The original Windex, invented in the 1930’s was first sold in cans… because the formula was flammable. Thankfully that is no longer the case.

Now, we could spend hours and pages going through all the tried-and-true methods of glass cleaning. There’s the ammonia camp, the vinegar faction and a host of others, and whatever works for you is fine by us. Even though our Flitz Polish will clean and protect glass, we’re kind of like Switzerland in the glass cleaning arena. But like Switzerland, we do stand firm on some basic principles. In this case; if you want your glass to stay clean, it has to be really clean to start with.

Now, before you say “Thanks Captain Obvious” you’d be surprised how many people don’t take the time make sure their glass is literally “squeaky clean” before they move on to keeping it clean. The key to this is to remember that while glass is technically not porous, it can become “rough.” It’s the roughness of the surface that can cause things like mineral deposits (shower gunk) to adhere to it. Glass can become rough over time through erosion from chemicals or physical contact. We’ve all seen the scratched windshield from faulty wipers.

So, the first key is clean glass - removing all the stuff on the surface. Again, we don’t take sides in how you do that, just as long as it’s clean. Once the glass is clean, that’s where Flitz really steps in.

Enter Flitz Ceramic Sealant

Because it’s the roughness in the surface of glass that gives dirt and minerals a place to cling to, the key to keeping glass clean is to remove the roughness – and that’s exactly what Flitz Ceramic Sealant does. Our Ceramic Sealant is based on Silicon Dioxide SIO2 nano-technology. If Silicon Dioxide sounds familiar, it should – it’s the chemical name for quartz. Our Ceramic Sealant bonds a layer of rock-hard microscopic quartz to any hard surface. The result is the transformation of a rough surface to a smooth harder-than-glass surface that literally repels water and doesn’t give dirt or moisture a place to hang on to.

Clean glass is a job half-done. Flitz Ceramic Sealant is the secret to keeping glass clean. Adding that layer of hydrophobic protection keeps your glass cleaner, longer. How long? That depends entirely on the environment the glass is in. In most cases, one application followed by a second application 48 hours later will last eight to twelve months. That’s right. In many cases a whole year.

All that protection must be hard to apply, right? Nope. Simply spray on and buff off with a clean microfiber towel. No waiting for anything to dry. It really is that easy. And Flitz Ceramic Sealant isn’t a one-trick pony. It will provide that rock-hard protection on any hard surface. Cars, boats, countertops and more. It really is amazing. You can try it for yourself here.