SEA TOW Marine Detailing Kit

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Attention SEA TOW Members! Enjoy this exclusive deal on the Flitz Marine Detailing Kit, formulated to keep your boat looking as new and clean as when you first got it!
Flitz SEA TOW Marine

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Marine Detailing Kit

When you bought your boat, did you look at it and say “Wow, look at that dull finish - I’ll take it!”  No, you wanted the best that your money could buy and I’ll bet it looked gorgeous too! So, don’t you want to keep it looking that way? Well you can, with the Flitz Premium Boat Detailing Kit. It has everything you need to keep your pride and joy looking its best!

Removes oxidation, haziness, scuff marks, water spots & more from virtually all metal brightwork, fiberglass, Plexiglas, Eisenglass & more.

Calcium/Rust/Lime Remover:
Spray on organic salt will instantly remove corrosion, lime scales, hard water buildup & more from aluminum & fiberglass.

Speed Wax:
Super gloss, Brazilian carnauba formula that can be sprayed on and immediately wiped off for a quick gloss detail spray, or for that added protection, spray on let dry to a haze and easily buff off. NO SILICONES - Will not leave a white residue behind.

BuffBalls - Microfiber Cloths:
Use with all Flitz Premium Productss needed for your specific detailing project.

A hydrophobic spray that creates a ceramic shell type coating preventing from any harmful/damaging absorption to occur to your surface.

Grande Drying Towel:
With a unique 3D textured design, this is the industry's largest PVA towel! Easy to wring out any saturation and store in plastic container when not in use. Holds up to 5 TIMES its weight in water!

Cooling Scarf:
This towel has excellent cooling properties; simply re-wet when dry to reactive the cooling sensation. A machine washable product that lasts years with proper care.


Kit Contains:

(1) Sealant (8oz bottle) 
(1) XL BüffBall (7 ball)
(1) Grande Drying Towel (34" x 17")
(1) Small BüffBall (2 ball)
(1) Flitz Polish-Paste (Quart can)
(1) Speed Wax (16oz bottle)
(1) Calcium, Rust, Lime Remover (16oz bottle)
(1) Cooling Scarf (34" x 6")
(4) Microfiber Cloths (16” x 16”)