How to Remove Soap Scum from Shower

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 8th Jan 2016

Everyone knows that one of the worst areas to clean in the house is the shower. The shower is an area that is used daily and many types of dirt and grime can build up in the shower. Soap scum is a big problem in most households; it can accumulate fast and can be noticeable in under a week. Hard water stains go hand and hand with soap scum and can leave streaks running down your tub or shower doors.

Luckily, Flitz has an arsenal of products to use for learning how to remove soap scum from your shower, and protecting it from future stains and nasty grime in the future!

How To Remove Soap Scum From Shower

There are many products that advertise little effort is needed, but they often fail to clean as advertised. Flitz polish paste or liquid can easily tackle soap scum and hard water stains with a little muscle and a cleaning cloth. They are really simple to use. Just apply a small amount of product on the surface and buff it away with a small towel. This polish also leaves a thin protective coating over the surface to help slow the reoccurring effects from coming back so quickly. This could turn a weekly bathroom cleaning into an every other week cleaning.

Another useful tool in our arsenal of cleaning products is our Flitz Instant Calcium Rust & Lime Remover. This is an excellent universal product for the house, but it is extremely useful for all bathroom surfaces. Just spray it on the stains from the highest point of the appliance, and let the solvent run down the surface. Next, let the cleaner sit for a few minutes then wipe and rinse the appliance off. Our CLR removes rust from around drains and water residue on shower heads with almost no effort. Just make sure to soak the area with CLR for a few minutes. 5 to 10 minutes would be the ideal amount of time.

As intimidating as learning how to remove soap scum from your shower may be, there is no need to break your back when cleaning! Let our products do the hard work for you and protect it in the long run.

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