How To Polish Copper

How To Polish Copper

Posted by Flitz Premium Polishing Products on 25th Feb 2015

How to Polish CopperLearning how to polish copper is a fairly easy process to learn. However, copper can be a very delicate material, so it is important to treat your copper items with care when polishing. 

When exposed to moisture, oxygen or even the natural oils from human touch, copper can easily tarnish. Take the Statue of Liberty for example; it is made of copper, but years of exposure to the elements have caused it to turn green!

Cleaning copper can be quick and simple if you have a few items from your kitchen on hand. Here’s a guide with various methods on polishing your copper items.

Salt and Vinegar

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Pour table salt and vinegar over the copper object.

Step 2: Using a microfiber cloth, rub the salt and vinegar into the item to remove tarnishing

Step 3: Rinse the object and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.


What you’ll need:

Step 1: Using ketchup, create a light layer on the object

Step 2: Let layer of ketchup sit for a few minutes.

Step 3: Rub copper item vigorously with a non-scratch pad to remove tarnishing.

Step 4: Rinse any remaining ketchup off the object and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth


What you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut a lemon in half and rub one half on the item until all tarnishing is removed

Step 2: Rinse object and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Salt, Vinegar and Flour

What you’ll need:

  • Newspaper
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

Step 1: Mix one tablespoon of salt with one cup of vinegar.

Step 2: Gradually add flour to the salt and vinegar mix until you make a thick paste.

Step 3: Apply a coat of paste to the tarnished item and let it sit on newspaper for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse object until paste is removed and wipe dry with microfiber cloth.

For an even deeper clean try Flitz’s copper tarnish remover. This product is made from natural organic salts and works to instantly remove tarnishing without rubbing!

Did you try one of these "How to Polish Copper" methods? Which one worked best for you? 

Have a method that you think works better? Let us know! 

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