How To Polish Brass

How To Polish Brass

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 28th Jan 2015

How to Polish Brass

Brass accents and fixtures create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any household whether it’s a door knocker or bathroom fixture. However, over time brass can become worn and tarnished especially when it is used as an outdoor fixture that is exposed to the weather and elements. 

Here’s a guide on how to polish brass plated steel and solid brass.

Before cleaning your brass, determine whether the piece is made of solid brass or brass-plated steel by using small magnet. If the magnet sticks to the brass object, it is brass-plated steel. If the magnet does not stick to the object, it is solid brass.

For Brass-Plated Steel

What you will need:

Step 1: Mix mild detergent with warm water

Step 2: Dip the cloth in the warm soapy water and wipe brass piece with the cloth.

Step 3: Wipe brass piece dry.

Step 4: For added shine, apply non-abrasive brass polish.

For Solid Brass

What you will need:

Step 1: In a bowl, dissolve one teaspoon of salt with one-half cup of vinegar. Then Add flour and mix into a paste.

Step 2: Rub mixture onto brass object and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse with warm water and wipe dry.

Step 4: For added, lasting shine, apply non-abrasive brass polish.

That's it for our guide on how to polish brass when cleaning both brass plated steel and solid brass. 

When cleaning brass plated stainless steel, avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners as it may damage the plating. 

For a lasting shine after thoroughly cleaning brass objects, try our line of premium care brass polishes.

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