How To Clean Coins

How To Clean Coins

8th Jan 2015

How to clean coins

While many choose not to learn how to clean coins that they collect, for a myriad of reasons, there are many who do want to restore the coin to its original luster! For those who are searching for a safe, easy way to clean their coins, look no further. 

We want to offer tips for non-abrasive, water-based cleaning methods that will not reduce the value of your coin collection or ruin the precious coin.

Here is a guide for what to use to safely clean collectible coins!

Please keep in mind that you DO NOT want to use acid-based cleaners, tumblers, or other damaging cleaning materials. We recommend water-based cleaners (whether they are homemade or store bought), a microfiber cloth, and an eye for which coins require which treatment. 

Also consider that tap water often contains chlorine, which can have a harsh, negative effect on your coin. Use distilled water when mixing with materials such as baking soda or soap.

How to Clean Copper Coins

How to Clean Gold Coins

How to Clean Silver Coins

How to Clean Nickel Coins

How to Clean Alloy Coins

Flitz's coin-cleaning products are sure to restore your collectible coins back to their original shine without negatively affecting their value. Try for yourself!

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to clean coins and comment if you would like to add anything to this post. We are always looking for new cleaning solutions! 

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