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Knife and Gun Cleaners, Polishes, and Waxes

When cleaning your gun or knife, it's important to choose products that are high quality, effective, and safe on your equipment. At Flitz, we provide the best knife and gun cleaners to keep your valued possessions looking like new. Our formulas are made from premium German materials, and all products manufactured by our local team in Waterford, Wisconsin. With over 40 years of polishing experience, you can trust our knife and gun cleaning supplies to work as they should. Take complete care of your equipment with our cleaning and protecting solvents found below.


Paste Polish for Guns and Knives

Let's start with the concentrated cream that has been the staple of our company for over 40 years - our signature Paste Polish. The cream is safe to use as a gun cleaner or knife polish, as it is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. A should-be-staple of all firearm cleaning kits, our formula is unequaled in its ability to polish, deoxidize and protect nearly all metal surfaces. This includes factory bluing on your gun, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, and even painted surfaces, fiberglass and synthetic materials. It removes rust, water stains, heat discoloration, lead and powder residue, oil, and fingerprints. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so go ahead and try it!

Liquid Polish for Guns and Knives

Next up is our liquid polish, which is the same formula as our paste polish but in a liquid form. Don't let this diluted version fool you though, it is a high-performance gun cleaner and knife cleaner. Specially formulated to clean with the ease and economy of a liquid, this concentrated formula goes three times farther than other liquid cleaners. Just like the cream, it is safe to use as a gun polish or knife polish. as it is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Say goodbye to water stains, powder residue, oil buildup, and fingerprints. Simply apply and buff immediately with a microfiber cloth or towel.

Gun Bore Cleaner

There’s nothing more frustrating than a rifle that continues to miss due to residue buildup. That's why we created Flitz Bore Cleaner. To use, first shake well, then apply bore cleaner to a bronze brush, and push brush through barrel and out muzzle. Feel free to repeat the process if necessary. Our bore cleaner does not foam up, so there is no mess to clean up afterwards. It also does no contain ammonia. Like many of our other products, it is environment friendly, non-abrasive, and non-flammable. All in all, it is a safe bore cleaning formula that will maintain accuracy in your firearm and eliminate the need for other cleaners.

Matte Paint and Matte Finish Cleaner

With the polishing products above, you're going to get a brilliant shine on the surface of your knife or firearm. But what if you don’t want that? Our Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner is designed to clean surfaces without producing a shine. This residue killing, organic formula will help maintain the flat finishes you want. It will not remove bluing, and it will not remove parkerized finishes. Just use one spray and then dry away with Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner.

Tumbler Media Additive

Looking for something to supercharge your media’s scrubbing power? Enter our Tumbler Media Additive. Just add a little of the solution to your media, and your cases come out looking like new. Our additive is suitable for corn cob, walnut, and other forms of media. And best of all - it cuts your tumbling time in half. We are confident that this formula is the best brass case cleaner on the market today.

Premium Metal Polishing Cloth

As we developed our knife and gun cleaners, we noticed many towels and cloths on the market could not perform what we needed them too. Some left streaks, others tore apart after multiple uses. So we decided to create our own premium polishing cloth that works on any surface, wet or dry, and removes residue with ease using electrostatic properties. Extremely durable and machine washable (wash with colors only), our Microfiber Polishing Cloth allows every polishing job to shine effortlessly.

Gun Surface Sealant and Knife Sealant

After you clean your knife or firearm, you probably want to keep it looking like new! This is why we developed Flitz Gun Sealant. This formula is not a wax, but instead acts as a hydrophobic spray that immediately repels water and residue buildup after applying. It is safe to use on all metals, paints, plastics, and fiberglass, and it will even protect your equipment against UV rays. Flitz Gun Sealant creates a ceramic shell type coating that protects your surfaces for a year. Don't want to waste your time cleaning your firearm or knife multiple times a year? Protect your shine with Flitz Gun Sealant!

Gun Stock Wax and Knife Wax

If you prefer the look and feel of a wax for your knife or firearm, no need to look further. Our Gun & Knife Wax is a premium blend of white carnauba and beeswax that provides exceptional results on gun bluing, polished or hand-rubbed stocks, stainless and nickel firearms, and knives. It is perfectly safe to use on both the interior and exterior of the bore, and it will not attract dust or wash off in the rain. With protection lasting as long as six months, our gun and knife wax will allow you to keep your equipment looking its best.

Knife and Gun Cleaning Kit

Our Gun and Knife Care Kit is exactly what you need to clean, polish, and protect your knives, guns, and swords. The Flitz Paste Polish can be used to clean, polish, and deoxidize your metal. The Gun & Knife Wax protects your polish and gives your equipment a beautiful, warm shine. The Matte Finish Cleaner can be used to clean the flat paint finishes, so you can remove residue without producing a shine. And with our Premium Microfiber Cloth, you won't need to worry about a weak towel that rips and leaves streaks. What more do you need!

Knife Cleaning Supplies Kit

Have a knife that you would like to clean, sharpen, restore, and protect? Our Knife Restoration Kit provides everything you will need to get your blade looking brand new. The bottle of Liquid Polish will clean essentially any surface, including Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Titanium. The Microfiber Polishing Cloth works better than anything cloth on the market today, and be used on all knife surfaces, wet or dry. The included Dia-Sharp® 4 continuous diamond sharpening stone delivers full-size sharpening while maximizing work and storage space. Perfectly suited for small contact area and pointed tools. And the Break-Free CLP has a special cleaning action that breaks loose dirt and corrosion that can damage metal. A proprietary formula contains specially treated PTFE for improved boundary film strength that reduces friction, retards wear, and stops build-up of foreign matter. Everything you need to clean and restore your knife, brought to you in Flitz's Knife Restoration Kit!