Car Polish vs Wax

Car Polish vs Wax

25th Mar 2015

Car Polish vs WaxAfter a fresh wash, maintaining your car’s shine is a top priority. You may be deciding whether you need to polish or wax your car – or perhaps both. Some may be unsure of which method is better for their car’s needs and often wonder “what’s the difference between polishing and waxing your car?”

Here’s a car polish vs wax guide that will show you the advantages of both and when to use each product on your car.

Car Wax

Car wax is essentially a product that protects the paint coating on a car by leaving a protective layer after use and helps to make your car’s paintwork shine. Most waxes also have UV inhibitors that will further protect your car’s paint from fading cause by the sun’s rays.

However, if your car is suffering from oxidation or dullness, using wax will only serve to cover up the car’s imperfections rather than actually fix them. The disadvantage to using car was is that it needs to be applied more often and can melt if it gets too hot.

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Car Polish

Car polish is a product that helps to eliminate surface scratches, swirls and dirt. Polish helps restore a car’s paintwork if it has lost its shine due to oxidation. Polish, when not water-based, can be more abrasive than wax and is often applied with a power polisher or buffer that works to remove a fine layer of the car’s paintwork to settle into scratches and minimize their appearance.

The effects of polish last much longer than wax and can help your car shine for up to a year.

Now that you have learned how each product works, here’s how to know when to use which product.

After washing your car, run hand over the car to check for elevated specks or rough spots. If the surface is smooth, only wax needs to be applied. If you can feel slight imperfections, the car needs to be polished before applying a wax.

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That's it for our car polish vs wax guide! Have any tips about car waxing or polishing that you’d like to share? Let us know! 

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