The Miami International Boat Show February 11th-15th

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 25th Jan 2016

Flitz will be attending the Miami International Boat Show; we have been attending for over 20 years! If you are shopping for a boat or starting to test the waters and think about owning a boat than this is the show for you!

This event is hosted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and there are currently over 1,700 companies that are members of the association. The Miami International Boat show is so large that it is split into three separate venues. There will be every type of boat you could imagen from sail boats to speed boats and possibly a few submarines!

Flitz will be there to represent our marine brand of products to help keep your investment in top shape. All boat owners know that boats are expensive! From the initial cost of the boat to storage fees during the off months boats can make a dent in a family’s activity budget. You need to preform proper maintenance to maintain appeal and resell value.

Sunlight and water wear heavily wear heavily on a boast finish.

When you think of sunlight you think of having the boat out on the water and having fun. While you enjoy the weather and the nice ride you bought your boats exterior finish and upholstery is being damaged by UV rays and its glossy finish it slowly fading away. Flitz offers a UV protectant to add as an extra layer of projection. The UV protectant is rated to 50 SPF; that means 98% of the UV rays are blocked by our product!

The sun and water can cause the finish on the boat to fade. While this can’t be avoided forever there are ways to protect the finish and keep the shine lasting longer. Flitz offers a variety of products that can protects a boats finish, but we highly recommend our Marine Speed Wax. The wax holds up to the water for quite some time and provides an easy streak free shine without a lot of elbow grease.

Flitz offers many other products such as mold remover and a special calcium, rust, and lime remover (CLR) solution to help with standard boat maintenance.

Boating is a fun hobby, but like all things fun you need to work for it.

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