Restore and Maintain Wheel Rims with Flitz Polishing Products

Restore and Maintain Wheel Rims with Flitz Polishing Products

7th Jun 2015

Every vehicle, whether it’s an Indy 500 car or your mother’s old minivan, could use wheel and rim protection against brake dust, tarnish and roadside debris. With the Flitz Custom Wheel Restoration Kit, one of the most tedious areas to detail on your car becomes one of the easiest!

The Flitz Custom Wheel Restoration Kit includes:

Flitz 5” Buff Ball

The original Flitz Buff Ball is made with soft, Italian viscose fiber that won’t tear like your old foam pads. The hex-shaped shaft on the buff ball fits all drills and air tools and the ball itself is machine washable and reusable. Use the Flitz 5” Buff Ball in combination with Flitz Polish Paste to easily and effectively remove surface stains, corrosion and built-up dirt and debris.

Flitz Polish Paste

The Flitz Polish Paste is the signature product that launched our company over 30 years ago. What kind of polishing kit would this be if we didn’t include the product that started it all?

This tube of Flitz Polish Paste can be used on surfaces from glass and plastic to aluminum and Corian®. With the power of the paste, you can easily remove tarnish, rust, water stains, grease, oil, dust and dirt – and that’s only to name a few! The eco-friendly, non-abrasive formula is safe on your skin and is not flammable. Just one application of the Flitz Polish Paste will bring back the shine on almost any surface and protects for up to six months.

Flitz Speed Waxx

This premium grade detailing spray is water-based and made from Brazilian Carnauba. Spray on and wipe off to decrease the visibility of hairline scratches and swirls on fiberglass, clear coat and paint, powder coat, lacquer, acrylics, plastics and many more. All Flitz products are eco-friendly, USDA approved and safe on hands and skin. The Flitz Speed Waxx will provide up to six months protection from indoor and outdoor debris without leaving any trace of residue or streaks behind!

Each of these polishing products has a variety of uses on its own. When combined, you can quickly and easily clean and protect any wheel rim for up to six months. Click below to see this kit in action!

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