How to Polish Your Boat - Removing Rust, UV Protection more!

4th Jan 2015

Detailing and Polishing Your Boat

Keeping your boat shiny and clean is important for long-term health of your boat.  Flitz Boating Polish and Care products are one way to help keep your boat shiny for a long-time.  The video below shows you how to polish your boat, as well as removing rust from your boat, calcium and lime deposits, and more!  

Below is the video transcript: How to Polish Your Boat - Removing Rust, UV Protection

Flitz It: For shine that lasts.

Let's first tell everybody what is inside one of these tubes.

Flitz is a cream, very similar to hand cream. 28 year old company, actually. So it's a non-abrasive paste. You can be used on Plexiglas, isinglass, acrylics. I'm really trying to help people save time when it comes to taking care of metals on their boat and you have come up with a tool that can really help people save a lot of time and I want to get into that. What's it called? It's called Viscose. It comes out of Germany. It's patented on DuPont. It's actually designed to be put in the wash machine. You see the shaft is in the back, here. You can actually put it in any 3H drill or you can put it in an air tool. 

Check this out! Do you see this spot of rust right here on this stainless steel bar rail? Put this on directly, as you can see. Now as you can see, John, this is actually a pity. You can see, it takes virtually seconds to bring that back. With two applications, you can completely remove the rust on any stainless steel bar rail. For faded and yellowed plastic windows, buff with extra large blue Buff Ball that won't create heat that melts plastic. The speed wax gives you future protection from UV rays.

Apply Flitz to remove hard water stains, lime deposits and surface rust.  Easily applies to anywhere on the boat. 

The yelow five-inch Buff Ball is used to get those hard-to-reach areas, and will not tear like foam. Plus it is washable up to ten times. Use Flitz for restoring faded and yellowed fiberglass. And removes tough stains from fuels, oils and rust. 

To bring back the high luster, use the Flitz Buff Ball. 

For heavily oxidized or yellowed fiberglass, use the Flitz Polishing Paste in combination with the Flitz Buff Ball in a high speed drill. 

Use the speed wax to maintain that "show room" finish. 

No matter what shape and angle of the metal, polishing is done easily with the Buff Ball. The Flitz Buff Ball won't tear, and works on chrome and anodized aluminum safely and quickly. 

Show me the Flitz on dynamite! Even with your regular aluminum wheels, or chrome wheels, it's hard to get in the holes. Smear the Flitz on, then smoosh around so she doesn't stick. Now, the ball will get jet black dirty when you do aluminum or stainless steel. You can see. Can you wash it? It comes right out. All you have to do is pre-soak it in dishwashing soap for about an hour or so and the black gunk will come right out. How many times can you reuse it? Realistically, 10 times. Isn't that something? Wow, look at that finish! Faded hatch covers restore in seconds. Simply apply the polish, safe on skin, and use the high-speed drill with the Buff Ball to restore plastic safely and easily.

For corrosion, oxidation and heavy calcium build-up, apply the aluminum Pre-Clean first. After 30 seconds, wipe or rinse. Apply Flitz polish and in seconds, obtain an mirror finish that lasts for months. The Instant Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover works in seconds and is safe on paint and fiberglass. Agitate with a nylon scrubber and wipe or rinse for restoration. 

On your RVs, Flitz helps maintain clear headlights, polished aluminum wheels, stainless steel mirrors, And heat discoloration on exhaust pipes. Speed Wax is quick and easy. Made of carnauba wax and water, and silicon free. The polishing system works on any surface to maintain your RV, even restoration of diamond plate.

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