​Household Surface Cleaning with Flitz Polishing Products

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 7th Jul 2015

Use Flitz polishing products on a variety of household appliances such as stove tops, door hardware, refrigerators and more.

Below is a transcript from the video: Household Surface Cleaning with Flitz Polishing Products

Flitz It: For shine that lasts.

Clean and maintain all stainless steel appliances with the Stainless Steel cleaner, which cuts grease, oil and fingerprints. Apply Flitz polish for the high-gloss look.

Flitz Polishing Products leave no oily fingerprints after application. Use the microfiber cloth for no streaks. Cleaner removes heavy grease and fingerprints easily. Apply polish for showroom look.

Best of all, leaves no oily film to fight against future fingerprints. Flitz is great on stainless steel hoods. Apply and buff. Flitz won’t leave oily film.

For tarnished, copper cookware, spray Instant Brass and Copper Cleaner. Spray and rinse. Flitz also works great on stove tops, nickel door hardware, refrigerators and even highly-polished bar sinks.

After using the Instant Brass and Copper Cleaner, obtain that mirror finish by applying Flitz Paste then buff to a high luster.

Flitz polish also works great on fireplaces, refrigerators and pot marks on sinks.

For food and wine stains on granite counter tops, use the Granite and Marble Cleaner. Let penetrate and wipe. For extra protection for two months, use the Flitz Granite Wax.

To remove heavy soap and hard water stains, spray the Flitz Calcium and Rust Remover and wipe. Faucet Wax+ is safe on all finishes and gives up to three months protection against soap stains, calcium build-up and fingerprints.

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