Flitz Throwback Restoration – 1997 Salt & Pepper Shakers

5th Jun 2015

Dinner time might be the best moment of the day, but not when your shaker looks like this! Today we take a look back at an amazing before and after from 1997 by loyal Flitz customer Marcia.

Gathering around the table with family at dinner is always pretty special, and perhaps the only real bonding time you get in your hectic week. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see heirloom shakers like these. They represent generation upon generation of family gatherings. No wonder Marcia wanted to bring those 35 year old (that’s 1962!) shakers back to life. Flitz Polish not only brings back the shine, but the memories too!

To bring the memories out of your own heirlooms, use our tried and true original Flitz Polish. One tube can tackle it all. But remember, a little Flitz Polish goes a long way! Here’s how:

Tarnished Silver & Gold: Apply light coat of Flitz Polish with soft cloth. Polish with clean dry cloth until brilliant.

Tarnished Brass, Copper, Bronze, Etc.: Apply Flitz Polish with paper towel. Rub briskly, polish with soft cloth.

Aluminum, Mag Alloys, & Stainless: Apply Flitz Polish and clean with paper towel. Polish with soft cloth.

Flitz understands that you don’t want to use any old polish or wax on your special antiques and collectibles. Flitz is a non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly polish that not only cleans and polishes, but preserves and protects your prized possessions. Make your collectibles shine like new with Flitz Polish!

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