Flitz Outdoor Living Fabric Armour

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 7th Jul 2015

You will NOT believe your eyes! Flitz Outdoor Living Fabric Armour seals fabrics so dirt and liquids repel the surface. Spray the Fabric Armour onto the dry fabric and let dry - Watch how the water just beads right off!

Below is a transcript of the video: Flitz Outdoor Living Fabric Armour

After time, outdoor automotive and marine fabrics lose their factory applied protection. Thus leaving you with color fading, excess soil staining, loss of water repellency, plus water leakage through covers, tops and umbrellas.

Put a stop to that today with the Flitz Outdoor Living Fabric Armour. The environmentally safe formula has no harsh odor and will not change the texture or the feel of your finish. Apply on umbrellas, cushions, awnings, marine canvas, upholstery, marine automotive and outdoor carpets, convertible tops and more.

For the ultimate in water and soil protection, pick up the Outdoor Living Fabric Armour today.

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