Flitz Customer Testimonial: Edward Cully

17th Feb 2015

Flitz Customer Testimonial: Edward Cully

October 26, 1991

To whom it may concern;

I would like to inform you how well your product Flitz Metal Polish works on aluminum. I’ve used other aluminum and metal polishes and Flitz is the best and easiest product to work with. I would recommend Flitz to anyone and you should also know that your claim, Flitz is the one metal polish that replaces all others, lives up to that. I buy Flitz at a local boat supply store in my hometown and it’s a reasonable price to pay for such a quality product. I’m not trying to tell you how to operate your business but I think that your should market your product in the trucking industry. It works very well on the aluminum fuel tanks and aluminum wheel. I travel between New Jersey and Florida hauling produce and during the winter months the road salt takes a toll on the aluminum but thanks to Flitz I can keep it looking great. Here’s a picture of the truck and thanks again for such an extraordinary product.

Sincerely, Edward Cully

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