​Diamond Plate Restoration and Care Kit

Posted by Flitz Premium Care Products on 7th Jul 2015

The Flitz Diamond Plate Restoration and Care Kit is ideal for returning diamond plate, aluminum and stainless steel to its highest luster and shine.

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Flitz Diamond Plate Restoration and Care Kit

The Flitz Diamond Plate, Truck tool-box restoration and care kit cleans, polishes and protects. This kit includes the large Buff Ball, Flitz Polish Paste, wax protectant and a free coupon for the Flitz Microfiber cloth.

Use products on aluminum diamond plate, brushed stainless steel and painted boxes. Perfect to remove oxidation, grease, oil, road film, water spots, mag-chloride, salt corrosion, soap stains and more.

The Flitz Buff Ball won't tear like foam. The ball fits any three-eighths inch drill or air tool. The Buff Ball buffs evenly. For best results, buff at speeds up to 2,500 RPM. The self-cooling won't scorch or burn clear coat. Plus the ball is washable and reusable!

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