Before and After Transformations

Flitz polishing products have a wide range of uses around the household. Our customers have sent us their before and after pictures of their projects to show what Flitz can do. Put our Products to the test and send us your before and after pictures on Facebook.



Flitz polishing products can bring the shine back to faded or scratched vehicles paint jobs and remove dullness from rims! Click here to see all our automotive products.


flitz-red-ram.png flitz-scratched-paint-fix.png flitz-renewing-car-windows.png
flitz-renewing-car-hood.png flitz-restoring-metal-engine-parts.png flitz-refurbished-ford.png
flitz-honda-hood-polishing.png flitz-national-guard.png flitz-polished-rims.png
flitz-cleaning-rust.png  flitz-rims-steve-light-customer.jpg  



Boats take a beating from the elements; being submerged in water and sitting in the sun for months can cause fast wear marks and rusting. Click here to learn about all of Flitz's products that can keep your boat looking new.


flitz-polishing-boat.png flitz-metal-restore.png flitz-restoring-metal-parts.png


Plastic and Glass

Flitz polishing paste has many uses from restoring clarity to plastic and plexiglass to cleaning weathered windows. Click here to view a few uses for Flitz Polish Paste!

flitz-headlight-restoration-kit.png flitz-erasing-window-scratches.png flitz-window-cleaning.png



Flitz products are designed to be multipurpose and proved an easy method to clean all areas around the household. Click here to see all our products that we offer for the household.


flitz-toilet-cleaner.png flitz-shower-scum.png flitz-cleaning-metal.png


Stainless Steel and Brass 

Metal polishing is what we are know for! Flitz offers many professional products that bring the shine out of any metal surface. Click here to view our metal polishing and industrial products.

flitz-polishing-metal.png flitz-restore-metal-like-new.png flitz-running-boards-polishing.png
flitz-restore-metal-trailor.png flitz-polish-metal-trailor.png flitz-copper-polishing.png
flitz-brass-polish.png cannon.png  


Other Vehicles

Flitz isn't just used for the house and cars! We carry a wide veriety of products for off roading vehicles and aircrafts.

flitz-air-plane-polishing.png flitz-tractor-polishing.png flitz-snowmobile-care.png

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