How to Clean a Gun

29th Dec 2014

Cleaning your gun is never a 'fun' task, but learning how to clean a gun with the proper techniques and products will help to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you, and will also extend the lifetime of the gun. Flitz gun cleaning and polishing products helps give you more time in shooting, and less time cleaning.

The video below is an overview of how to clean your firearm using Flitz Polish, as well as a glimpse at some of the gun cleaning and detailing products we offer.  

Below is the transcript to the video above: How to Clean a Gun - Cleaning a gun is easy with Flitz Polishing Products

FlitzIt: for shine that lasts. Flitz polishes, cleans and protects all metal finishes including factory Hot Gun Bluing, Stainless Steel, and Nickel for up to six months - all while leaving a water resistant finish. 

Flitz gun polish is safe to apply on synthetic gun stocks to remove fingerprints, oils and stains. Flitz gun polish may also be used on factory Hot Gun Bluing. Flitz is easy to apply and remove surface rust and old oil buildup and leaves a protective coating against moisture and fingerprints for up to six months. Flitz cleans anodized finishes safely and easily. Applying the Flitz Rifle, Gun and Knife Wax gives you up to six months extra protection and is water resistant. Flitz really does bring out the beauty of sealed wood gun stock. 

Apply Flitz to the gun cleaning patch for a quick and easy removing of Copper and Lead filling. To remove heavier rust, let Flitz penetrate and wipe off. Natural gun wax protects Stainless, Blued, Wood and Nickel. Contains natural bees wax to protect any firearm safely. 

Use the Flitz Tumbler Media Additive to easily restore old, tarnished brass. The Tumbler Media Additive speeds up polishing time on brass without ammonia to harm the brass and leaves a protective coating. 

Instead of purchasing these products separately, we have already put together a Gun and Knife Care Kit together for you! Or, purchase the entire Sportsman Kit here! 

Use Flitz gun care products for all of your sporting good needs!