Express Grande Drying Towel

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PVA 13418
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A unique 3D textured design makes this new FLITZ product the King of Streak-Free Drying! It's also the largest PVA Drying Towel on the market today at 34" x 17"!
Express Grande Drying Towel

Flitz Express Grande Towel

With a unique 3D textured design, this is the industry's largest PVA towel!

Perfect for use on boats, cars, trucks, shower surfaces, industrial equipment, pets, and more!

The Grande Towel has excellent cooling properties; simply re-wet when dry to reactive the cooling sensation. A machine washable product that lasts years with proper care; easy to wring out any saturation and store in plastic container when not in use.

Download the Grande Towel - Information Sheet

Holds up to 5 times its weight in water!!

How to Use:

1. Wipe any surface to clear it of liquid 2. Wring out 3. Clean in washer (if wiping dirty liquid)

SIZE: 34 inches x 17 inches!